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Mary and Alan, an Australian couple in their eighties, have been travelling around the world with barely any money for the last 20 years! Find out how they did it and their incredible life story in our new independent short film, ‘Mary & Alan’.

Their message is one of giving, loving and oneness. Mary and Alan say: “Giving gives such joy. You must be prepared to let go of attachments you don’t need. We lived with no money, we walked until we were offered shelter, we fasted until we were fed. You’ve given yourselves the opportunity to find out who you are, without being in the mundane 9 to 5, pay-your-bills system. You are free now and your decisions come from your heart, not from your head.”


Lucas Jatobá

Written by
Job Jutten & Hannelore Loor

Based on a true story by
Mary & Alan

Lucas Jatobá

Billy Wychgel

Rob Harper

Leonie Blignaut

‘Stars Apart’ by Golden Youth